Understanding Your Labrador Retriever and How to Best Train Them

Labrador RetrieverThe Labrador Retriever, which is commonly called Lab or Labrador, is among the different types of retrievers, which is a sort of gun dog. This breed of dog is known to be athletic, playful and is the most famous breed of dog in countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada, United States and in UK.

A Labrador Retriever is usually trained in order to provide assistance for those people who lost their vision and those who suffer from autism. This breed works like a therapy dog and performs detection and screening work for law enforcement or any other official agency. As you can see, a Labrador Retriever can do a lot of things, provided that you know well the best way to train this breed of dog.

Labrador Retriever Training
Because of its trainability and temperament, more people in America choose to have a Labrador Retriever. The following are helpful tips that could help meet success when trying to train your Labrador:

Puppy Socialization
A Labrador is a natural born people pleaser. As an owner, you have the ability to build on its genetic predisposition to become a good companion through making sure that your puppy is well socialized. What does it mean? Well, it means that you must introduce your pet to as many people or places as possible while your dog is still in the initial phase of its life. Your dog should meet new people and be able to experience upbeat and positive experiences. Through this way, your Labrador will tend to be good and friendly to everyone.

Exercise Daily
A Labrador Retriever is a high energy dog that makes it a great pet for an active family. But, when it is not provided with sufficient exercise, it will instantly become bored. It usually results to a destructive behavior or any other typical behavior concerns like barking, digging and chewing. Give your dog at least one hour or more to exercise daily. A Lab loves long walks and also a game of fetching. These are the best activities that will help to burn off the energy of your dog.

Organize a Fundamental Obedience Program
A Labrador typically loves to learn so you must take advantage on its innate trainability through organizing a fundamental obedience program by the time that you bring you home your puppy. You may start by performing some essential obedience commands alone or you may choose to sign up for a class on dog obedience that is usually conducted with a professional dog trainer. A class on dog obedience is an excellent way to train your Labrador while letting it to socialize.

Since a Labrador is relatively huge and it tends to pull on the leash, you can make walking on the loose leash your top most priority. You must tech your dog by saying words like “drop it”, “come” and “fetch” so you could take advantage of the dog’s natural tendency to be good in retrieving.

Use Upbeat Reinforcement Training
The willingness of this breed of dog to learn, its playfulness, affectionate natures and its love for treats make this dog a good candidate for upbeat reinforcement dog training. You should rewards its good behavior by giving your dog a simple treat, a game and some hugging time with you. Sooner, you will find your pet offering you the behavior that you want with little prompting from you.

If you choose to use treats in Labrador retriever training, always take into account that a Labrador has the tendency to grow bigger and become overweight. You should use the smallest treats at all times to reward the good behavior of the dog and ensure that you decrease the amount of food that you give to your dog during meal times and increase exercise to keep your dog fit.

Plan on a Lengthy Adolescence
A Labrador remains to be very puppy even when it reached adulthood and it is among the most endearing qualities of a Labrador Retriever. The problem here is its energy level and its tendency to get into disobedience continues until its adulthood. Hence, it requires the best behavior management tools. The following are the management tools that you have to take into account:

• Crate train the dog so he does not need to run of the home when you are not there to watch over him
• Provide your Labrador with different interesting chews and toys to keep your dog from boredom
• Pursue practicing fundamental obedience commands as they reinforce the Labrador Retriever training and they also give mental stimulation

Consider Advanced Training
Most of the Labradors are happy and they behave well if they will be tasked to do something. Consider bringing your dog to any dog sport and train your dog as a pet therapy dog. Keeping the dog active and busy will bring happiness on the dog. You may also consider Labrador Retriever rescue training.

How to Get a Labrador Retriever?
There are two ways to look for Labrador Retriever for sale. You can make use of the internet in finding a Labrador Retriever breeder. You can also shop around and visit the nearest pet shop.